About us

Our Mission

Flavors are unique. And so are you! We want to give you those Flavors that will satisfy your pallet.
Whether you want meats, vegies, or starches… we’re gonna cover ya! We aim to have some bold Flavors when we kick off! (And maybe some classics for the die hard originals.)

Who we are now

We are currently building this brand as you read this. We are always searching and trying recipes with our Flavors, and trying new Flavors to compare. Our goal is to bring you something bold… something that will have your eyes speaking to everyone around you as you enjoy these Flavors!

Is it available?

At this time, we are in the process of making this available to the public. There are some much deserved hoops to jump through for us to make this available to you. We respect those hoops and we are jumping through all of them. This will take some time, though. We will be going through proper authorities (here in the state of Utah) to make our products available to the local public here in Southern Utah.